How to recruit using The Slate in 4 EASY STEPS


Complete the simple sign-up form, confirm your email account and you are ready to go. Registration and use of The Slate is FREE.

Create Profile

Start building your own defining profile by telling the community about yourself, adding your current and past work credits. You will also be able to link your showreel, upload pictures and list any equipment you might have.

Add Production and Roles

As a member of The Slate, you can post job opportunities to build your crew for films, adverts, photo shoots or any other entertainment production our members can collobarate on. Go to the "My Productions" area under your account. Once you have listed your production you will be able to add roles to it. These roles will then be posted in the jobs windows for members to view. You will be able to add multiple productions and multiple roles to each one.

Receive Applications

Members apply directly through the site to your job opportunity. You will receive an email with the candidates motivation and a link to their online profile. Applications are linked to your productions forever so you will always be able to check who applied and when.