The Slate is a platform for South African entertainment professionals to connect, get themselves out there with bespoke profiles and find the work they've been looking for.

With The Slate we hope to unite the South African film and entertainment community, ensure that no talent goes unnoticed and that every project has the right people on board.

So give it a go... Create a profile, post a role you need to fill, and connect with members on the site.

The Mission

  • Connect filmmakers with talent and crew
  • Promote the South African Film and Entertainment Industry
  • Create a diverse social community

FREE... What's the catch?

It really is free, there is no catch.

As fellow filmmakers our primary goal is to create a platform that will promote the South African entertainment industry. This was our goal when we started and will always remain paramount.

As our platform grows we will be adding premium features, however basic fair use of our site will always remain free.